Jim RyanJim Ryan
Media/Sound Tech

I came (back) to the Lord somewhere about the Fall of 1997. Then it was a couple more years before I actually made the commitment. College days, the Army, and some more years of wild living until I met my wife and settled down. In time, with her as my rock, I gradually began attending church again and joined her church, but I still wasn't totally committed, although I did become an active member. I served on various committees, the council and as Treasurer. I had trouble understanding the Bible so I bought a study Bible and that really made the message come alive. I began listening to Christian music and going out to watch local Christian music groups perform until one group asked me if I would do PowerPoint for them. I delayed answering for a few weeks but began to realize this was God telling me to get involved in a ministry. That was in 2002, and now 4ever1 has asked me to do PowerPoint for them as well. This time I didn't wait too long before agreeing to join. This type of ministry has done much to help me in my walk with Jesus. Associating with these musicians has inspired me to pick up a guitar and try to imitate what they do. It's not as easy as it looks but God calls us to do different things and I believe I've found where He wants me to be.

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