Jimmy SickelsJimmy Sickels

My earliest influence was the Dave Clarke Five. I think I was 13 at the time. The drummer as the lead singer playing Rodgers drums - that was so cool to me. I formed a band in high school. We were pretty good for high school kids. College split us up. My biggest influence though was Bobby Columby from Blood Sweat and Tears. They were all graduates of Juliard in New York. I always loved jazz rock and dance music. Disco lives forever! Got married and gave up playing for 25 years. Got divorced and eventually came to the Lord through a crisis in my life, like most other people. My church, through their music ministry, got me back to playing the drums again. A big thank you to Donna and 4ever1 for giving me this opportunity to serve the Lord in this music ministry. I have found my place serving the Lord in this Christian band.  Jimmy also serves on the worship team at Connecting Point Church in East Greenbush, NY, along with Donne, Joe, and Wayne.

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