Joe MunafoJoe Munafo

Joe was saved in September of 1994.  He has been inovlved with local church worship teams for the past 20 years.  He has been in two successful bands that played mostly hard rock, for which he wrote many of the songs. While playing in these bands, Joe learned how to play synthesizers, melotrons and other keyboards. He has also done studio work for other artists requiring synthesizer or keyboards in recordings.  Joe enjoys most types of music, but he has been most strongly influenced by progressive rock artists, some contemporary rock, southern country rock, and classical music. 

Joe joined 4ever1 in November of 2004. He also sings, and has been told thousands of times that he sounds just like Joe Cocker!!! Joe feels that his place as keyboard player in the band was directed by God since the band is primarily motivated to create it's own sound and music to glorify God and for God's purpose.  God gave Joe a message through a dream and through a prophet in January of 2004 that he would be a part of a band that would do great things for God before the end of the year. If you ask Joe why he's in 4ever1, his answer is "because this is what God told me I am supposed to be doing". 

Joe resides in Loudonville, New York (NY) with his lovely wife Donna.

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