I used to go and party every night.
I'd stay out till 3 a.m.
But I knew inside that it just wasn't right.
Started thinking about life and who I am.

Now I know a better place to play. Jesus came and showed the way.
The smoky rooms so far away. I'm playing eternally.
No more singing Margaritaville. No more playing at the bar and grill.
Now I'm only gonna do His will. I'm playing eternally.

Everybody always tried to be so cool.
That's what those days were all about.
Tryin to impress, but act the fool.
I'm just so glad God took me out.

So take your instrument and follow Him. He says, "Come and play for Me".
Don't you ever look back there again. Just come and play eternally.

Words and music by Donna Lynn Munafo
Copyright 4ever1 2010

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