Just Ask the Lord

Are you tired of the rain that keeps on pouring down?
Are you always looking for a brighter day?
Are you searching for a way to turn your life around?
Are you wishing that the pain would go away?

Do you want to look ahead and put the past behind?
Do you want to be washed clean of every sin?
Do you want to find the peace to calm your anxious mind?
Do you want to start it all over again?

Just ask the Lord, He will answer.
Look to the Lord, He won't deny.
The door is always open for the hungry and the broken.
And His hand will wipe away the tears you cry.

Even when the rains come, your days will be brighter.
In a weary, troubled world, your burdens lighter.
He'll forget your past and forgive your sin.
He won't ask you where you've been. He'll just welcome you in.

Words by Donna Lynn Munafo
Music by Joe Munafo
Copyright 4ever1 2010

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