Lamb Upon the Throne

You lift me up, when the world puts me down.
You're always there when no one else is around.
And You comfort me through every storm. You never leave me alone.
The Lamb upon the throne.

Amazing love, the world just can't comprehend.
Almighty God, the beginning and end.
You can make the mountains tremble and melt the heart made of stone.
The Lamb upon the throne.

I'm so thankful for the sacrifice You made for me,
On Calvary's hill that dark and painful day.
I'm amazed at all the things You've changed inside of me.
I called upon Your name. I'll never be the same.

You died for me, but the stone rolled away.
Defeated death when You rose the third day.
Now You're seated at the right hand; Your majesty known.
The Lamb upon the throne.

Words and music by Donna Lynn Munafo
Copyright 4ever1 2010

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