Forever Won

I pray for our country, for direction and peace.
I pray that the killings and threats of war cease.
I pray that the Lord will watch over us all.
May He keep His hand upon us so that none of us will fall.

Can all of these troubles be as real as they seem?
Will I wake up tomorrow to find itís no dream?
Though in the midst of hard times of trouble and pain.
While the storms of the life bring downpours of rain.

God will not forsake us, and His word will hold true.
Though there still may be trials and tribulations to go through.
Our God will be with us, Heís our strength and our guide.
All things are possible with the Lord on our side.

And in the end when itís all over and all is said and done.
Weíll be in paradise eternal, the battle ever won.

Forever won, the price has been paid. This battle is to the grave.
And though this war, we still have to fight.
When all is said and done, forever won, forever won, forever won.

words by Donna Walsh
music by Al Garrow

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