Hold Onto Your Hand

I was so filled with fear, I felt so cold and alone.
The pain was just too much to bear, I could not carry on.
Then Your hand reached down to me and darkness turned to light.
It was the first time I saw Your marvelous light.

I will hold onto Your hand, I will hold onto Your hand,
as I look to the One who sets me free.
I will climb Mount Calvary and seek the One who died for me.
And in my time of need I will hold onto Your hand.

The coldness turned to warm, loneliness disappeared.
And my pain subsided, oh, I no longer feared.
Lord, Youíve brought me so far, my trust is only in You.
I know that Your with me in everything that I do.

I donít know where I am going, itís all in Your hands.
You may keep me here or bring me through foreign lands.
Your hand is in mine and thatís the only thing I need.
Iíll cling to You Lord, and I will follow Your lead.

I will hold on, I will hold on.
And in my time of need I will hold onto Your hand, Your mighty hand.

words by Donna Walsh
music by Donna Hansen

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